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Mallow in the works...

2011-02-09 23:23:35 by Shivers616

Started a new platformer (putting the previously mentioned 2D shooter on hold). I've uploaded the current state of the game's engine, which has some issues with side collisions with level pieces and low frame rate during level scrolling, though I hope to get both of those fixed in the near future so that I can begin putting in some of the more complex animations. The file doesn't have directions, so if you do decide to try it, use the arrow keys to move and space to jump. That and I need to draw some wall pieces... anyway! Back to the drawing room...


So my first submission didn't get blammed. Go me. Just purchased a book on AS3 game design, which should arrive sometime around the end of the month. At that point I'll be able to make more organized code with classes and whatnot... namely a preloader, restart and pause button. Maybe an upgrade screen... we'll see. Here's the player model I'll be using (borrowed from Kenney Vleugels at below.

More news, in case anyone's listening

Posting to myself...

2011-01-23 00:13:20 by Shivers616

Even though I'm pretty much only posting for self-gratification, I'll do it anyway. Just finished my first flash submission today after roughly eight hours of coding it and learning Actionscript at the same time. Anyway, here's a link.

Simple Dodge

A bit of reading material...

2011-01-16 10:49:38 by Shivers616

Hello there!
Chances are you followed a link here informing you of my request for reviews of my writing. If not... read and review anyway? Anyhow, the link to my forum post is included below.

Home - Teaser/Short story premise

Hello All!

2007-10-18 19:50:11 by Shivers616

Hello All! This is my first post....yea....i don't have anything to really say. I just wanted the unhappy smiley face to go away